Developing the Torkster Design


Developing the various Torkster models was the most enjoyable part of the process. After forming Big Al’s Tools LLC, Al began the design process. In addition to the standard ½” square drive inputs, he tried to think of what other potential leverage tools an average DYI auto repair person might have lying around in his garage. Al also does some DYI home remodeling, and had some ½” galvanized pipe in his garage. Al figured that this would make an ideal substitute for a breaker bar, should the Torkster user not own a second breaker bar. Al had seen European “push through” square drive wrenches that used something called a “1/2 inch coupler” that would make an ideal part to drive the socket. So, the original Torkster adapter was designed to be a square device with two ½” drive holes on two sides, two ½” pipe thread holes on the other two sides, with the ½” coupler (now called the insert) driven through the center of the device. By making the Torkster 1 ½” thick, the insert fits nicely within the adapter, and allows another ½” drive tool to be used on the back side. The square design was eventually changed to a round design with machined flats, in an effort to save machining costs. The material chosen was a low carbon steel that could be case hardened to achieve the proper durability. This design is called the “Torkster Classic” model. An even stronger adapter was eventually developed using a higher carbon steel, fully hardened and tempered. This is now called the “Torkster Pro” mode. A smaller, lower cost model, that only uses square drive inputs completes the Torkster family. This is called the Torkster Mini. tool and die